Friday, January 15, 2010

Date Chatroom Liars!

I hate chatroom liars. This morning I was minding my own business and lurking in a chatroom when a "woman" sent me a private message.

She asked if I had a face pic and I answered yes.
She then asked how old I was.
I gave my age and she said thats what she thought.
When I asked how old she was, she said 20.
She had seen my profile picture and was interested in what I look like.
My profile pic is best described as suggestive.
You see no skin but still see a lot.
It is an effective picture that usually gets good response.
I asked if she had a picture.
She did and said she would send one back.
Just before hitting send I asked again if she had a pic she would be returning and she assured me she did.
After sending her the picture I waited about 10 minutes and was hearing nothing and getting no mail.
I asked if she was sending the picture and I'm told that I'm too old.
AARRGH!!! She knew how old I was before the picture was sent!
Damn that pisses me off. If I am too old, fine. I do not care.
Just be a "woman" of your word and return a picture of yourself.
It is common courtesy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Long Distance Dating via a Personal Ad

A couple days ago the first person contacted me through the personal ad I placed on the website.

She seems like a nice enough lady but she lives a couple hours away. Frankly I am not interested in trying to get to know someone that far away.

Long distance dating, it seems very inconvenient!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Lost: Revelation TV Series

Really looking forward to the new Lost series on TW, here's some Lost Revelations blurb:

Discover the complete story of the grueling first 48 days on the island for the fuselage survivors and tailies after the crash of Oceanic flight 815.

Since the beginning, "Lost" has mystified and intrigued viewers with its interesting characters and unique style of storytelling.

Season One dealt with the fuselage survivors, the hatch and a failed attempt to get off the island.

Season Two continues these stories and also introduces viewers to the survivors of the tail section.

"Lost: Revelation" puts these two seasons together in a linear fashion that provides an illuminating view on one compelling story.

See the sequence of the aftermath of the failed raft attempt, the opening of the hatch, how the tail section and fuselage survivors lived separately and the unwitting intersections of their lives, and how both groups ultimately collided in one catastrophic moment.

"Lost: Revelation" offers new and avid viewers a fresh perspective, comprehensive and enlightening, in one of television's most intriguing series.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

How Gay are you?

A co-worker took an online Gay Test a couple days ago and we were giving him grief because he is always saying how straight he is and he scored 39% gay. That is supposed to be a pretty normal score but it is fun to give him grief. I just took the test and here are the results.

You are 28% GAY!

That's less gay than average for someone of your gender and supposed orientation. The typical straight guy is 39% gay!

I'm surprised as hell that I am that low.

I was expecting a score of about 50%.

The Gay Test is no longer online :-(